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Can I Refund My Alabama Pass?

Yes – If it hasn’t been used yet, then we offer our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – for gifts, this may even be extended to 12 months for a small 3% fee!

However, no refunds are provided once your Pass has been used or the initial 30 day period has expired, therefore please make sure Alabama Pass is right for you before using it for the first time after purchase. We believe we provide excellent value for your stay in Alabama and this value grows every day. However failure to use your Alabama Pass and/or maximize its value during your stay, will not qualify you for a refund.

Since Alabama Pass was designed to help visitors to Alabama Save Money and Experience More, it is important you plan your trip and your Alabama Pass usage. We would prefer you don’t purchase the Alabama Pass in the first place if it is not right for you, rather than be unhappy with your final usage of the pass.