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Is Alabama Pass Worth It?

Whether buying Alabama Pass is worth it depends mainly on your travel plans and need for convenience. As a rule of thumb: Alabama Pass is a good deal if you plan on visiting a number of various museums or attractions per day or taking several tours. The savings on just two tours will pay for your entire pass and any further tours or attraction entrance fees will save you money. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you´re considering buying Alabama Pass:

  1. The Cost of the Alabama Pass
    The only way to be sure Alabama Pass is worth the investment for you is to go through your travel plans and work out how much it would cost on entries, tours and transport based on what you are wanting to do. Compare this total with the cost of the Alabama Pass and see if the card is a good deal for you.
  2. Freedom and Flexibility
    In many cases, Alabama Pass sells on convenience: it lets you do what you want, whenever you want it, and your discounts are built in. For families and groups of friends who are wanting to really experience Coastal Alabama, Alabama Pass allows you to achieve this during your visit.
  3. Purchase from a Partner
    Quite often, customers of Alabama Pass are not aware of the Pass until they visit an Alabama Pass partner location. Purchasing from a Partner provides an immediate discount on your ticket prices. In many cases this covers nearly half the Pass cost and opens up a world of possibilities with regard to making your money go further during your stay in Alabama.

In all, if you´re visiting Coastal Alabama on a shoestring budget, please do the math and see if the cost vs. the savings are worth it. If you value freedom, flexibility, convenience and savings then Alabama Pass is probably a great deal for you!