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How It Works?

How It Works

Alabama Pass provides you and your group a 25% discount or more per person on your choice of attraction experiences during your visit to Coastal Alabama.

Alabama Pass also provides 15% discount or more on great restaurants.

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Get Started in three simple steps:

How It Works

1. Choose Your Group Size

All members of your family or group may be on a single pass.

Passes are electronic and based on a phone number.

No need for multiple passes or pesky cards and membership numbers.

For large groups, let us know how you’d like to separate Passes and we’ll do the rest.

2. Purchase Your Pass

Choose your Pass Start Date.
All Passes are valid for 90 Days from this date, regardless of purchase date.

Purchase using your preferred payment method.

For large groups of 12 or more, mail-in payment options are available.
Simply choose your Pass number and we’ll contact you to arrange the rest.

3. Enjoy Great Savings

Redeem your Discounts and Enjoy Savings for every person on your Pass.

Valid once per person at all participating Attractions and Restaurants during your 90 day period!

But most of all:

Experience more of Coastal Alabama… Create memories that will last a lifetime.

What You Need To Know

1. For Partners that have Sales & Use Taxes, all discounts apply
before the calculation of Sales & Use Taxes.

2. All Passes are Valid For 90 days only from your Pass Start Date.

3. All Passes provide one (1) entry to each partner attraction or
one (1) discount at each partner Restaurant / Retail location
per person / per pass during the valid period of your passes.
i.e. One adult pass will provide a discount only on the meal of the one adult pass holder.
A family of four (4) will require four (4) passes for the discount to apply to the entire meal.

4. After use, no refunds are provided.
However Alabama Pass makes a great addition to your travels
or a gift for friends and family. Review our Money Back Guarantee!